The Advanced Feedlot Permit Solution.

ES FEEDLOT PERMIT is the high performance feedlot permit management system for counties and states. Part of the ES PERMIT MANAGEMENT SUITE.

Comprehensive System.

  • The ES FEEDLOT PERMIT system handles the permit management process, from application and registration to inspection, with a single application. Secure online and client/server versions are available and can be customized to your needs.
  • Create new permit applications from existing permit applications. Manage feedlot inspection process. Track complaints and follow-up. Consolidate individual county data into comprehensive state reports.
  • Search for feedlots, registrations, and permit applications by a variety of defined fields, including location, permit or registration number, owner, township or user.
  • Run reports on any desired criteria with the powerful and flexible Ad-Hoc reporting tool. Print a variety of high quality applications and reports. Customize reports with county name, seal or logo.

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