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ES Emergency Management Suite

The Power of Regional Resource Networks.

ES RESOURCE (formerly named ICE) is the secure, shared resource records system used by leading emergency management organizations.

Join the growing number of professionals that can now quickly and accurately identify crucial resources available both locally—and across their regions — with ES RESOURCE.

Shared Resources

  • The service allows multiple organizations to enter data into a secure, shared system. Your team can access its own information as well as the information of others using the system within a designated region.
  • Information is stored using a common category structure by discipline and can be hooked to numerous categories. Policies, procedures, documents and notes can be published for all users or for your organization only.
  • The system uses a powerful resource search engine. The latitude/longitude logic allows searches to be conducted for resources within a designated number of miles.
  • A redundant network structure promotes uninterrupted access to data. ES RESOURCE | SOLO, a stand-alone application, overcomes dependency upon the internet to access data in an emergency.
Contact us for a detailed ES RESOURCE capabilities demonstration, and put the power of your regional resource networks to work.

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