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ES Emergency Management Suite

You Know The Drill.

ES EQUIP is the secure online training and certification application for emergency management organizations. Now a part of the ES EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SUITE.

Online Training.

  • Now you can manage your staff and volunteer emergency management training programs online. This simple-to-use system requires no special equipment or software installation—access from the field, workplace or home.
  • Brand your web interface with organization name and logo. Generate custom drilling tools (practice tests, flash cards, head-to-head competitions) and assessments using the question import function and criteria selection.
  • Offer training sessions/administer assessments in lab or individual environment. Participants can use computer stations, laptops, or handheld devices. Review and report results for multiple choice questions instantly. Access and score essays online at your convenience.
  • Conduct assessments across groups. Share question pools and assessments across national affiliates, or within a region or state.

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